Sunday, April 5, 2009

Showcase Sunday - Formerly Feature Friday but I am a Lazy Goat These Days

OK, OK, so I am a little behind again in my going rogue. I do love going rogue but I think the pregnancy hormones are messing with my scheduling. Have I used that excuse before? Well, tough! You try carrying around two kicking kids and see how you feel...I won't goat rant any longer I have a wonderful bead maker to tell you all about; Lynne from Fireball Beeds. She really can spell she just wanted her shop name to look different. I know Lynne, she came to the Farm and pet me on my head. Isn't that nice? She even pet Abigail but I will forgive her for that. Lynne makes lampwork beads which involves pretty colored glass and lots and lots of heat. I am all for heat, that is for sure. She made this really cool bird bead called Xipe-Huemac The Aztec Love Bird. I wonder if he flew into Luke's pen before he escaped and came to visit us in the doe pen? That could explain his behavior. That or he is just a buck! But back to the bead; isn't it pretty? I love the bright red color!

She also makes beautiful artisan flower beads. I love flowers. They are so good to munch. In fact this delightful floral bead surely looks good enough to eat. But I suspect that I would be most disappointed in a glass flower. I doubt it would taste as good as a real flower. But the bead sure is gorgeous. I think it would look just perfect against my fur.

Lynne is also a fantastic knitter. I wonder if she could knit me some baby pajamas for my kids. Like the ones I found in the Hoegger's catalog. Hmmm, I will have to ask her how much they would cost and if she would take some of my goat soap in trade.
Just look at this great felted hat you can see from her model that this color compliments animals of my color perfectly.

Lynne is also a very clever writer. She has a blog that I visit when I can. I enjoy reading about her insights. I think you would enjoy visiting it too.


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