Monday, April 13, 2009

Run Kevin Run

The publicist says I have to write about Kevin again today. I am wondering if I am ever going to get to write a post about ME. I mean Pricilla's maternity leave is going to be over soon and I am going to go back to being second goat around here and what good is that. But anyway here is what is happening with Kevin. He is growing big and strong and he is really starting to stretch his goat legs. The other day we all went for a graze in what will be the garden. There was lots of nice grass growing in there. Kevin seemed more interested in the old hay than in the nice green grass but he is still young.

He did eventually start to notice the grass.

Pricilla and I ate lots of grass. It tastes so good this time of year. We have been eating hay all winter so green food is just yummy.

Kevin has taken to running up and down the driveway. This is how his little leg muscles grow. I think he looks like a rabbit in this picture.

Thanks to The Crotchedy Old Man for liking the smell of our soap on the Crotchedy Old woman.

While the little buck is cute you know I have to show one more photo of my beautiful self.


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