Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oooh, Look at Me!

As you all know I take my SpokesGoat duties very seriously. I try and do my best to deal with my media appointments in a friendly manner and keep my goat gas to a minimun while giving interviews. Well it seems that I have done very well indeed! My Baby Magazine has me on the cover. I gave them an interview after I had Kevin the goat. I think it came out very nicely, don't you?


I also gave them some very cute photos of Kevin for the interior. There is nothing cuter than a baby goat! I have said this before - and with a kid like this who could disagree?

As always, I remind you to sign up for my newsletter. What do you have to lose? Better yet - what do you have to win? THREE BARS of my rich soap is what! All who sign up through May 16th are entered into the drawing.

*The publicist made this funny cover with me on it - it is not real.


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