Sunday, April 12, 2009

Meet Jillian and Mallory the Goats

As I mentioned yesterday we have two new goats on the Farm! The male person went and picked them up last night. Their names are Jillian and Mallory.

They had been living not too far down the road from us and the publicist and male person had met them before. I must admit that I did not give them a very warm welcome. I kept trying to butt heads with Jillian through the fence. The male person had to hold me back so I wouldn't put holes in the fence with my horns.

Jillian is a bit bigger, has black boots and a bit of a beard.

Mallory has white boots and white eyebrows.

They spent their first evening here exploring their pen. Luke left some of his poop on the spool and they found it very sniffable. Bucks are pigs.

Mallory tried to explore the bottom of the gate but this did not go too well.

The boys were, let's just say thrilled, with the addition of two new girls to the Farm. They went into their "who's the toughest buck in town" act to show off. Bucks!

In time we will all get used to each other and will live in the same pen. If you ask me I should have my own pen all to myself. But that is my opinion. So, as usual I close with a picture of my gorgeous self. Happy Easter everyone.


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