Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kevin the Explorer

Kevin is turning into quite an intrepid explorer. I don't let him out of the goat pen by himself because there are too many things I would worry about; mostly the bald eagle that sits in the tree. He would think Kevin was a tasty lunch and we don't want that to happen so the publicist and I keep a close eye on him when he is running around loose. Pretty soon he will be too big for the eagle which will be a good thing. Kevin is allowed to explore all he wants in the goat pen and he thoroughly inspected the goat house the other day. I am sure it looks quite large to him. He started on my basking side - you know, the spot where I like to bask in the sun.

Then he walked around front. I could hear him thinking, "wow is that one big goat house."

He peered in the door and saw all the nice hay on the floor. It makes such a soft bed.

In fact he thought it looked quite delightful so he thought he would go in and take a nap.

It's a rough life for a kid.

I went back to basking in the sun. It's a rough life for a Pricilla.

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