Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jillian and Mallory Do Battle

As you know we added two new goats to the farm while I was on my maternity leave; Jillian and Mallory. I was a little surprised at this as I did not know we needed more goats on the Farm but you never know what is going to happen around here. I wasn't very friendly at first I must admit. I did my threatening moves and some head butting but I did have a very young kid at the time and what else is a new mother to do?

I have adjusted to their presence now and I am happy that they don't have horns. Maybe the three of us can gang up on Abby and show her that her horns don't really matter in a big group. Ha!

Jillian and Mallory are getting used to their new Farm and as we watched them the other day we saw them having a little battle over the top of their goat house. It was quite funny.
Mallory jumped up there first and was sniffing the house.

Jillian started to check things out.

Mallory gave her a message that I think said, "stay away, it's mine,mine all mine!"

Jillian tried to get up there anyway. And lost

So you can see that things here on the Farm are always interesting...and active.

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