Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's All About the Kid!

Abby here today blogging while Pricilla is on her maternity leave. If it were up to me I would blog about, well, ME but the publicist says that I must show you photos of Kevin the goat. Why you would want to see more photos of Kevin the goat when you could see photos of me is confusing but if I want to keep this gig I have to do what the publicist says. At least for now. If I do a good job maybe she will let me go rogue like she lets Pricilla go rogue then it can be all Abby all the time. Anyway on to the boring kid photos.

Yesterday the publicist let Pricilla take the kid out for his first walk in the sun. Boy is he blinding when the sun shines on his white fur.

He did have a good time stretching his little goat legs and exploring the area around the barn. I know this is all new to him but really, can it be THAT exciting?

He also had fun playing hide and seek with the publicist and her camera.

He likes to nurse a lot. It is the only food he is getting right now but soon he will start to nibble at small pieces of hay and the green grass and weeds that are starting to grow.

Later in the day when it was really warm the publicist took Pricilla and Kevin down to Pricilla's favorite grazing spot so she could eat some grass and Kevin could walk around some more.

Then it was back to the barn. It was a long walk but it was good for him.

This is the heat lamp that is helping to keep him warm at night. It is still quite chilly here. It is really for the chickens that are coming in May but the male person thought it would help Kevin too. It looks closer to Pricilla than it really is. Photos can do that.

I hope you liked these photos of the new kid in town but I couldn't end this post without ONE photo of ME!


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