Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is the Publicist's New House Haunted?

I know this is an odd question for a goat to be asking but I have seen things. Shadowy goat things.I really got to thinking about ghosts after I read my friend Jen's post on her very interesting blog called Readhead Ranting. Sometimes I feel like I am No Horns Ranting but I digress. As you all know from reading my blog I like to graze. Mmmm, fresh green grass and yummy weeds. It is one of my favorite things to do. Oftentimes I find myself grazing over by where the publicist and the male person are building their new yurt. There are lots of nice greens growing over there and it shades me from the sun.
When I get over close to the yurt I notice these shadowy goats. As you know I am not always immediately friendly with new goats. (You might remember this post from when Jillian and Mallory first came to the Farm.) I have noticed that these ghost goats look JUST LIKE ME! This is how I feel about them:
I know I am not dreaming because Jillian has seen one too.

Now just the other day little Kevin saw one that looked JUST LIKE HIM!

I have tried butting heads with the ghost goats but this seems to make the publicist and male person very, very upset. And boy you should have seen the publicist when Michael the buck tried to butt heads with his ghost goat. I never saw her run so fast.
So I am only left to wonder, is the publicist's new house haunted? What do you think?

I can assure you that my newsletter won't be haunted! Be sure and sign up - everyone who signs up through May 16th (2009) will be entered into a drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. Remember, I am not a spammy goat, I am a vegetarian goat.


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