Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack

I am so happy to be back writing the blog! While it was nice to have a little time off, that time off wasn't exactly restful. As you all know I had my kid, Kevin. I must say that I am quite happy to have my goatly figure back. And isn't he just the cutest little kid? Of course I am prejudiced but I know cute when I see cute. Plus we had Jillian and Mallory move in with us. It was sure a busy week.

I had a new headshot taken but I don't think I am happy with it. I think I will stick with my older one. What do you all think?

I think I look better in my old one...

I was also busy writing a newsletter to go out to interested folk. It will only go out once a month or so as I am a very busy spokesgoat. It will offer specials and discounts to readers first. Plus any new scents or shapes will be for sale in the newsletter first. If you are interested just sign up right here in the blog! We are going to offer a contest for a THREE BARS of my rich soap. For the next month anyone who signs up will be entered. Then Mr. Randomizer will pick a winner. So starting from 4/16 through 5/16 anyone who signs up will be entered. Don't worry, I really won't write that often. (I will be a good goat and include anyone who has already signed up!)

I hope you are happy to have me back. I missed coming in every day and writing my stories. I understand Abby did a good job. I guess I am glad. I wouldn't have wanted her to mess things up.

She has been pretty good to little Kevin too. She has only butt him once or twice or three times or four. It goes with the Abby territory.

I leave you today with a picture of my little guy. What else would a good mother do?

I have lots of good posts planned for the coming days so stay tuned!


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