Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horses?! On the Happy Goats Farm?

I am STILL pregnant. I must admit I am getting tired, not to mention tired of being kicked by 8 legs. Well, at least 8 legs. I have always had twins but triplets do happen. But on to today's tale. It's a horse tale or perhaps it's many horse tails. Ha!

I looked up the other day and saw horses in the road right in front of the farm! They weren't the horses from the farm across the street - the ones we like to go visit. I didn't know these horses at all. I didn't know WHERE they came from.

The horses across the street were very excited to see these new horses. They were prancing and running up and down their paddock.

The new horses were split between visiting the other horses and munching the grass in the lot next door to us goats. It was a thrilling time; there were horses everywhere!

Horses are so beautiful when they run. The publicist tried to get good pictures but had a very difficult time between the rain and trying to not get run down by the running horses.

Finally we learned that the horses belonged to our friends who live further up our road. They have two pretty little girls who come and visit us when they go out for walks in the summer.
They led the horses back to their home and the great adventure was over.

It sure made for a fun day here on the farm.


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