Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Day Out for Kevin

Back to the kid today, *sigh*. Kevin had his first day out of the barn yesterday. He spent the whole day in the pen with me and Pricilla. I was a very good goat I have to say. I didn't butt him once. I got that out of my system the first time I met him. I won't butt him any more - unless he butts me of course. If he butts me I reserve the right to butt him back!

Pricilla brought him down from the barn and she stopped to make sure everything was AOK.

Then we all went into our pen.

Kevin had lots of fun checking out the pen. It must have seemed so big to him after spending his first two days in the barn. He looked at the mulch pile.

He looked at the goat house.

He played by the spools. He is too small to jump up on them yet.

The publicist even gave him a scratch on the chin.

He seemed to enjoy all his fun time exploring and I have to admit it was nice to have him around. I will of course close this post with a photo of me because I can't do anything else.


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