Monday, March 23, 2009

Visitors - Tango the Cat

Today I write another in my Visitors Series. I think my readers like to know about the various types that visit us here at the Farm - please let me know if this is true. We do seem to attract a fair number of feline visitors. I am not so sure why. It could be because the publicist is a cat magnet. I have heard the male person call her this several times. I am not sure he thinks it is a good thing.... And for some reason she seems to attract black cats.

Today's subject is Tango the Cat. He does have a home which is a good thing, but he spends a lot of time here at the farm. Tango belongs to the neighbors to the East of us. They have three dogs and chickens. They also have the most amazing fruit orchard. Our neighbors are very generous in the summer when the fruit is ripe; they let the male person and the publicist come and pick apples, pears, peaches, cherries and plums so the publicist canfreeze and can them for the winter. I will have to make sure I get some photos for you this summer so you can see how beautiful it is.

Tango is here every day sitting on the steps of the trailer. He is very well fed at home but of course the publicist gives him more food. He is a most interesting cat in that he has black fur on top and white fur underneath.(You can see this in a photo further down where he is rolling in the dirt.) Like most of the cats around here I have butt him when he wasn't looking. This is a very bad habit of mine but I must say it is quite comical to watch a cat fly through the air. Since I don't have horns it doesn't hurt them. I really should stop this but.....Tango also has the most amazing turquoise colored eyes. The pictures don't show them off very well.

Tango and the Farm cats (mostly Fred) get into some loud screaching matches. I have never seen them actually fight. They just sit about three feet away from each other and make the most obnoxious sounds two cats can make. This causes the publicist to come out and yell at them. I don't think she likes the noise.
Tango likes to roll around on the ground in the dirt. I think most cats like to do this. I can't say I blame them as it is something we goats do too. It is our "bath." Goats only do it when the dirt is dry - the cats seem to do it anytime. I don't understand cats.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Tango the Cat. I will try to curb my impulse to butt him - but it is just so much fun!


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