Friday, March 27, 2009

Visitors - Our Special Friends Luke and Gretchen

There was big excitement on the Farm yesterday! Our special friends, Luke and Gretchen came to visit us. It is so much fun when children come to see us; they are always so excited at seeing us. Luke the goat was especially playful sproinging around his pen and running back and forth. He is still very shy around any people other than the publicist but I know he enjoyed the attention.

Michael the goat was being a bad boy yesterday; he almost ran the publicist down with his horns as she was trying to exit his pen.She had to run very fast to get out. She was not happy with him AT ALL. So the children had to stay away from him. He gets that way sometimes. You know how bucks can be....

Abigail and I enjoyed having the children here. They tried to feed us some tasty greens through our pen fence. Of course we love anything that has to do with food. Especially me right now; I am eating for three - or more!

Any excitement in our day is welcome. Sometimes just sitting and chewing on one's cud all day can get pretty boring. I know I have some exciting daydreams, but it is also nice to have visitors.


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