Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tough Life

It's a tough life around here on the Happy Goats Farm. Other than some occasional spokesgoat duties I have to do nothing but graze, eat hay and stare at my view. I don't think I've really shown you my view and it's about time I did. Western Montana is a very pretty place for a goat to live. There are lots of mountains - it's not dry and sandy like the desert. But I am especially lucky to live on a river so I have a very pretty view. My river is called the Clark Fork. It is called that because a very long time ago some explorers named Lewis and Clark came through here looking to get all the way to the Pacific Ocean by water from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is the Clark's Fork of the Columbia River. But enough history for now...

I love to stare out over the water. But then again I just love to stare. We discussed this in my daydream post. I also do a lot of grazing over by the river bank. There are big Bull Pine and Ponderosa Pine trees growing there and we all know how much I love to munch on pine!
I also love to rub my hornless head on the branches. It feels sooooooooooo good!

Abby likes to eat the bark on the trees and we both enjoy a good lichen now and then. There are so many yummy goodies to be found after the snow starts to melt and we can graze again.

So you can see that it is a tough life for us here on the farm. Sad, huh?


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