Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too Pretty to Use?

I hear this all the time; "But Pricilla, your soaps are just to pretty to use."

This is ridiculous. I know most of the Happy Goat Soaps come in cute shapes like cats or chicks. I know they are very nice to look at. But they are SOAP not sculpture. It is to be used and enjoyed. I can see putting the sea urchin soap in your guest room soap dish for appearances but the others are to be enjoyed in your shower or bath for their rich lather and delightful scents. It is not that expensive. You can always come back for more. (This kind of logic is what makes me a good spokesgoat!)

Plus, if you really just want a bar of soap - we sell BARS OF SOAP. How perfect is that? There is a whole section of them in the shop.

So I think we have something for everyone. Just remember, you soap is to USE not to put up on a pedestal. That you can do to ME. The excellent spokesgoat for Happy Goat Soap!


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