Monday, March 30, 2009

The SpokesGoat Speaks

In what may be my last spokesgoat performance for a bit (Abby will take over the blog while I take my maternity leave) I would like to show you what the publicist did last night. No, you don't have to run and hide your eyes. Sheesh! This is a family blog!

She made soap! I mean after all, I AM the spokesgoat for Happy Goat Soap. I have to do my work occasionally. I will get some time off when I have the kids and the way they are kicking I suspect it will be any day now. But back to the topic at hand - soap! The publicist was a busy soap maker last night making some old favorites and creating a new scent just in time for summer.

Back in stock will be Sweetgrass which will remind you of that great smell in the air after you mow the lawn and juicy, fresh Strawberry Heaven . Mmmmm, a soap that smells like a bowl full of ripe berries. Don't eat it though, it won't taste good AT ALL. But that yummy scent got the publicist to thinking about hot summer days. What is refreshing on those days? Strawberry lemonade! That's right. She made soap that smells like strawberry lemonade. Oooh, it's light and refreshing with the rich smell of those berries topped by the bright, crisp addition of tart lemon. What could be better?

All the beautiful soaps are curing and will be available in a month. The publicist is going to make more soap this week with some friends that want to learn how to make soap. That should be lots of fun.

One more thing for today; I want to do something I haven't done in quite a while. Bestow the Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award! That's right - to GypsyMoonDesigns a fellow Montanan. She created a beautiful treasury and included the Pricilla soap! GypsyMoon makes beautiful jewelry like this necklace. I know it would look wonderful against my fur! So enjoy your award while I enjoy my scratch!


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