Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Snow!

We all woke up to more snow today. As I have posted before, this goat is just plain tired of snow. But I have to admit that our publicist takes good care of us. That or she is plum crazy! If it were the male person making that decision it would be crazy but I choose to think that she loves us and wants us to be comfortable. She remembers that we are African goats and that we like things that are NOT snow covered.

Every time it snows she goes into our goat pens and makes sure that we have an area of hay that is cleared of the snow. How nice is that? This way we can sit outside on nice hay instead of having to sit on cold snow. The male person sees this as a waste of time but we goats appreciate it. This way we don't have to spend the whole day in our goat houses. That wouldn't be so bad for us girls as our goat house is somewhat spacious.

But for the boys it might feel a bit constricting. This is Michael's

and this is Luke's

Would you want to spend all day just sitting in one of them? Doesn't the nice patch of hay look inviting? She even cleans off our spools so if we want to sit up on them we can. I think she is about the coolest publicist ever! I just wish the male person would stop laughing at her.

I can just hope that the snow season will end soon. Even the horses across the street were huddled against their barn trying to stay warm. Their publicist is not as nice as ours....

Oh well, there is not much this goat can do but eat lots of hay and stay out of the snow. I am just thankful for a great publicist and a warm place to lay my pregnant self. I hope all of you are a warm place too!


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