Thursday, March 12, 2009

Intermew with Fred the Cat

Today I continue the series of interviews I have done with the other residents of the Happy Goats Farm. Our subject of the moment has been a bit illusive and hard to pin down for this talk.
But now I give you my Intermew (hee hee) with Fred the Cat:

Fred, how did you come to live on the Happy Goats Farm?
Well, I have actually lived with the publicist and male person for quite a bit of time before they started the Farm. In fact I have lived with them the longest time of anyone here! They found me in a campground in Fredricksburg, Virginia. This is when they were traveling all around the country in their trailer visiting all the states. My former owners (HISS, HIIIIISSSSSS) left me at the campground! They just pulled away in the camper without me. If it hadn't been for the publicist I wouldn't have had a home. In case it was a mistake by my former owners (HISSSSSSSS) she even left her phone number with the campground so they could call and get me back but they never called. I guess the didn't want me any more.

I am very sorry Fred, that is a sad story. Are you happy here?
You bet! This is the best place ever. I did have to get used to the new name and all. I don't even remember what my last name was. But I have so much fun here on the farm. The only thing I have to be careful of is the bald eagle. He comes and visits the Farm and one time he tried to fly away with me. This was not very nice of him.

What do you do around the Farm?
Well, I am the chief pocket gopher catcher for the male person. He does not like the gophers in his garden. They can tunnel as deep as six feet down in the ground so this does make it tough for me to catch them but I do my best. I have also brought home some other things as presents for the publicist; she doesn't always like my presents though. I do not understand this.

How do you feel about us goats?
To tell you the truth, Pricilla, you have butted me but good several times. So I give you all a pretty wide berth. I don't like flying through the air. Other than that I have to say that I do like playing in your goat house when you are in the barn. Ha! Oh, and I drink your goat water out of your buckets. That is my revenge for all the butting.

I think I will end this intermew now. I am not completely sure that goats and cats should be in the same room for too long a stretch of time. Being the spokesgoat for Happy Goat Soap I should tell you that Fred is the model for our Cat Got Your Goat Soap which is available in the shop.

I hope you have all enjoyed learning more about Fred the Cat.


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