Saturday, March 7, 2009


Abby here! I have, uh, detained Pricilla. That's right, detained her and I am doing the blog today. Why should Pricilla get all the glory? I am a producing goat around here too. I work, I give milk. I'm pregnant too. Just because I have a bit of a temper doesn't mean I shouldn't get to write in the blog too.
Don't worry, stupid Pricilla is safe. I left her with hay and water and will, uh, undetain her when I am done. Undetain her - that's good.

Today I want to tell you about my day grazing on the "mountain" on the Farm. It's not really a mountain but just a big pile of dirt they took out of the ground when they put all that mushy grey stuff in the big hole to build the house. I think the male person called it a "foundation." Whatever! I don't care what it's called, I just like the mountain. When I climb it I feel like I am somewhere else altogether. I can see far away and I look to the river and pretend I am a special goat with my own personal mountain. I daydream too!

I pretend I am in my own personal forest with all of the trees and bark I can eat. No one to bother me and best of all no one I have to share with. I am a strange goat; even though I don't want to be alone I don't want to share either. Goats are very social creatures. They need to be in a herd.
Just because I am the supposed bad goat of the family does not mean I am bad. I know I butt Pricilla and try and eat all the food but it is only because I want to be first. Is there anything wrong with that? OK. That sounded bad....maybe I am just hungry. So there. And what good are my horns if I don't use them for something?

Uh oh......
Pricilla here folks. I am very, very sorry for this take over of the blog. Being the intrepid goat that I am I managed to escape from Abby's knots and get her away from the computer. I will do my best to see it doesn't happen again. I am beginning to suspect it was Abby that sold me out to those pesky paparazzi!


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