Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Escape or a Walk in the Sun?

Before Luke came to live on the Farm things were much quieter and unplanned walks in the sun were much easier. Now some of you out there might consider an unplanned walk by a couple of goats an escape but I beg to differ. If the publicist should happen to leave our gate unlatched and one of us should happen to nudge it open with our heads and stroll out - of sight - of the pen who is to say we are simply not enjoying a beautiful day and taking an opportunity to munch on some yummy new green weed growth? We never stray far and we always come back. No more of that trying to go back to our old farm; we know we have it good here.

But Luke keeps a watchful eye on the doe pen and if we try and take one of these unplanned walks he maaaaaas so loudly I think he wakes the people in the next town over!

He also runs back and forth in his pen watching our progress and alerting the publicist to our whereabouts. He runs to his gate.

He runs to us.

He runs to his get the picture.

No more unplanned walks for us anymore. I don't know if he is jealous or just a good watchgoat. What do you think?

Either way my days of surreptitious freedom are all over. Drat! It's a good thing he's so cute.....


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