Sunday, March 22, 2009

Feature Friday? On Sunday? Artisan Jewelry Designer Vicki Orion

I was having so much fun answering questions this week that I forgot all about Feature Friday! And I love to go rogue; so I am going rogueier (is that a word?) than usual and doing Feature Friday on Sunday. Maybe I should call it Stylin' Sunday - what do you think? Either way I am very excited about today's feature because I get to tell you all about my Aunt Vicki! Now I haven't gotten to meet her yet but she has told me I can call her Aunt - she lives in Alaska! That means she gets even more snow than I do here in Montana. I don't know how she deals with all that snow. She is a better goat, uhm, person than I.

Well on to her beautiful creations. Aunt Vicki has a shop called Orion Designs and she makes beautiful jewelry. I was browsing through her shop and I thought that this beautiful artisan necklace would just pop against my fur. The violet vintage glass bead is just such a lovely spring color.

I don't know a doe that doesn't need a lovely pair of sparkly, handcrafted earrings. These beautiful whiskey quartz cubes are topped by bright twinkles of color. Perfect for day or night; not that I go out at night. I am too afraid of what might be out there. I am a daytime goat.

I think you all should pop on into the shop and look around. I am sure you will find something to suit your every need - well, every jewelry need.

Aunt Vicki also writes a blog! Just like me. I even read it - I am a most literate goat. You can read it too, just go here!


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