Monday, March 16, 2009

Dreaming of the Big Day

It is not that long until I have my kids. I am excited because they are so cute when they are little. But then I could always find that I have another Abigail on my udder and that would not be so nice, would it? Abby was a nice goat in the beginning, I don't know what happened to her. I am a good nanny goat so it is nothing that I taught her. There is plenty of food on the Happy Goats Farm so it is not like she has get to the hay pile first or she will starve. I just don't know....

My Sarah was a good little goat. She loved the publicist and she was good to me. I know she is happy in her new home with little Nora (Abby's kid). Nora was very pleasant too.

Hmmm, must just be something about Abigail. Even when Sarah and Michael were little goatlings she would try and butt them and stare them down on the spools.

Maybe she just likes to be top goat.

It will be interesting to see what coloring my new kids are going to have. Since I am a brown and white goat and Luke is well, rather cow like in his coloring who knows what these kids are going to look like! I truly fear polka dotted goats. That would be something now, wouldn't it? I can see it now brown and black spots all over the poor little goatling.....I would never live it down. But I have to admit that it was love at first sight when I saw Luke arrive at the Farm. Even though he was just a little guy he caught my eye. I knew that we could make - oh this is a family blog, I will stop there. Just rest assured that our kids will be cute no matter what their coloring and I will love them as long as they don't start acting like Abigail.

I just know I can't wait 'cause I am tired of hearing all the other goats call me "wide load."


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