Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Day in the Life of Luke the Goat

Since I am getting tired and not up to my usual antics I thought I would regale you with the tale of A Day in the Life of Luke the Goat. Everyone reading seems to find him as adorable as I do and he is the father of my kids so I don't think it is untoward to focus on his cuteness for a bit.

When the publicist brings Luke down from the barn he runs into his pen and hops up on his spool for his morning grain. He is VERY enthusiastic about his grain and his little tail is wagging so fast I can hardly see it!

He gobbles his grain, making sure to get every little piece that might have fallen out of his bowl.

He then leaps off of his spool and heads for his daily hay.

I have already reported on what a sloppy eater Luke can be - but I still find him adorable.

After a bit of hay the publicist will let him out to play with Michael. This is where those great butting contests occur. The boys do enjoy their time together. They are both wagging their tails and just having a grand ole time trying to bash each others heads in. Boys!

The publicist somehow manages to separate them without too much damage to herself and Luke goes back into his pen for more hay. After a good burp or two he spends most of his day just wandering around his pen.

Sometimes he tries to stick his head out of his gate. I don't think he quite understands that he can't escape that way. Silly buck!

And then it's back to the barn for more grain, more hay and our favorite afternoon treat - apples!

I hope you all enjoyed this trip through Luke's day. I am working on getting a post together on milking a goat. It should be interesting because Abigail is not the most co-operative of models. I am not being milked right now because my kids are due so soon. But I am an intrepid goat and you can rest assured that I will get the job done!


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