Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Chicks All Right with Pricilla

It is time once again for me to dust off my headshot and actually do my job as SpokesGoat for Happy Goat Soap. I really do enjoy my work - it gets me out of the pen and maaaaaing to my public. I will have to retire for a bit when the kids arrive as they will need my attention for about a month - but then I will be back to work!
Today I would like to remind you of our The Chicks All Right with Pricilla Soap. This is one of our newest shapes. We introduced it to celebrate the fact that we are getting chickens this spring. That's right! There will be little chicks running around the Happy Goats Farm. I have been assured that the name of the Farm is not being changed. I personally would not have stood for that! The chicks are all right with me but I don't want them horning in on my territory. I am sure you can all agree with me.

But back to business. These pretty and delightfully scented soaps would make a great gift for chicken lovers everywhere. Better yet - how about putting one in an Easter basket instead of filling it will all candy. Wouldn't that be a cute idea? I am just such a clever spokesgoat, aren't I?

At the same time we introduced the Chicks soap we brought you The Rooster in the Goat Pen Soap. Now I know we need the roosters to go with the chicks, just like we need our bucks but those roosters better steer clear of me! But you can have your own Rooster soap without having to worry about loose feathers. Could it get any better?

The shop has a whole section with just bird soaps; this also includes our Eagle on the River Soap.

So why not do a very pregnant spokesgoat a favor and pop on into the shop and have a look around? I would appreciate it.


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