Sunday, March 15, 2009

Battling Bucks

I know a lot of my posts lately have been about the boys. But they are just so cute! Plus I get a lot of comments when I write about the bucks; I can understand that. Especially when I post photos of them when they are butting heads. When they are together that is pretty much what they do. I don't know about you humans but I just don't understand males...

If the publicist brings the two of them down from the barn at the same time she has to jump and run and watch out for her knees because the boys are fighting and butting heads and they don't care if she gets in their way. But if she brings them down one at a time they are as docile as puppies. They walk right beside here and will even stop to rest their head on her leg for a butt scratch. They love them as much as I do.

But I know you readers! You want to see the butting scenes. Well, here you go. In this corner I present Luke the goat - younger but by no means out horned.

And in this corner I present Michael the goat -
older but by no means any slower.

And they charge!

They butt heads!

The fur rises!

Eventually the publicist gets tired - not the boys mind you, the publicist - and she puts them back in their pens so she can stop hopping around to avoid the battle. Whew! I hope you have enjoyed these photos of the boys at play.

Oh, the publicist wanted me to pass on a message to our nice Entrecard visitors. We are still having problems with Hughes Net, our satellite provider. They now seem to think we should know exactly how many megabytes a website will add to our download capacity for the Fair Access Policy BEFORE we open it for the first time. Isn't that nice of them? So it seems we will not be able to visit as many wonderful blogs as before until our DSL line gets installed. It is certainly not because we are not interested in reciprocating all of your nice visits to us. IT IS BECAUSE OF STUPID HUGHES NET. The publicist thinks they just want to force her into buying the next level of service. Well she is buying DSL and telling Hughes Net goodbye.

If we exceed their supposed limits - not that we even know what they are - we get EXTREMELY limited service for 24hrs which basically cuts us off from doing much more than reading emails. Our DSL should be in within the month at which point we can go back to visiting all of the wonderful blogs we would like. We are so very sorry and hope that you continue to visit us until this gets fixed.


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