Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Barn Photos

Yesterday I wrote about all of the wonderful changes in my goat barn. Today I have photos so you can see my special "Pricilla only" pen. I am so happy with it! Now when you go in the barn there are four separate pens. This photo shows the doors to Abby's and my pens.

This is my new pen - isn't it nice? I know the photo isn't the greatest but the camera wouldn't take the picture without the flash and the flash made everything look funny. Someday the publicist will learn how to work her camera properly. Not to mention Photoshop. It will hopefully be in my lifetime.....

Here is my spiffy little bench so I can sit up off of the floor. Goats like to be up. It is so we can see all around us and note if a predator is coming; not so important in a barn but instinct is instinct.

This is my own special hay feeder. The male person built it just for me! Now I can eat whenever I want to and not have to worry that Abby will try and butt me out of the way. I can have all the hay I want, or I can have no hay but it is MY choice, not Abby's!

Oh, and I guess I will be a nice goat and show you Abby's new pen too. By default she also has her own pen. This is her bench. ( I think mine is nicer.)

But enough about Abby. I am just so happy now. I can eat and sleep in peace and I know my little goatlings will be safe. I hope you liked seeing my new crib. I can be a hip goat.


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