Friday, February 6, 2009

The Tale of the Extra Goat Treat: Part IV, Me! Pricilla

Now of course I am going to think this is the best chapter in our ongoing Tale because it is about MY share of the delicious goat treat. You saw me waiting (not) so patiently while Luke ate his treat. Then the publicist brought that big bowl of yummy apples into my pen. I did my famous Goat Dance of Joy when I saw it coming - no one has been able to capture this on film as of yet. I am too clever about where I dance.

I ran down to my spool where I share goat treat with Abby - she jumps on top and I stay on the bottom. If you will recall from Abby's tale, this way I get whatever drops down from above. I am not a dumb goat!

Unlike the other goats, I think I look adorable with apple coming out of my mouth.

I make sure to eat every delicious bite - apple is one of my favorite goat treats. Pears are second, carrots third, broccoli leaves fourth, spinach fifth....well, I could go on. I guess I like a lot of good things that grow in a garden.

So now you have a job to do. YOU have to pick the goat you think enjoyed their goat treat the most. Was it Luke who did look cute standing up on his gate. Or Abby who gave that fierce look that said, "back away from the goat treat." Or Michael, who escaped when his gate was left open.
Or Me, who looks the cutest with apple coming out of her mouth. Just post you answer here - voting will remain open until Saturday, February 7th, when Mr. Randomizer will pick a winner. The lucky person will get to pick a bar of my rich soap for a prize. How easy is that?


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