Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Tale of the Extra Goat Treat: Part III, Michael

The Tale continues with a look at how our elder buck Michael enjoyed his extra goat treat.

Michael was very excited, just as the other goats were, to have some extra apple on that bright, sunny day. But the publicist has a small problem with Michael; he is a bit attached to her as I have mentioned in previous posts. She bottle fed him as a kid and he seems to think she is his mother so any time she comes near him he just wants to rub his horns on her and jump on her and show how happy he is. It makes it difficult for her to take pictures. She did manage but she had to work fast.

He did settle down to eating his treat and like the other goats looks pretty funny with apple coming out of his mouth.

At one point the publicist tried to arrange the treat on his spool and he gave her this look. I don't think I would mess with his food, would you?

Since she was trying to work quickly she left the gate open. You think he is just eating his goat treat here, HA! He is plotting his escape. Which he did as soon as he finished his apples. He is a good goat though and the publicist quickly caught him and put him back in his cage. He really just wanted to come over and say "Hi" to me and Abigail.

Tomorrow is the last day in The Tale of the Extra Goat Treat and it's my turn. Do you think I have saved the best for last?


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