Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Tale of the Extra Goat Treat: Part II, Abby

I know you haven't been formally introduced to Abby yet - the publicist says I must interview her but it is my blog and I will do what I want. Abby just bugs me - there I said it. You know how it can be with mothers and daughters, right? But on with today's tale....

If you will recall from yesterday's post there was extra goat treat to be had and we had it! I am showing you how much we all enjoyed it over four days and at the end there will be a vote to see which of us you think enjoyed their goat treat the most. The winner will get to pick a bar of my rich soap as a prize. Today I present Abby:

Abby is a very greedy goat. She never shares her goat treat at all. In fact if you try and come near her while she is eating you get a look like this. To me it says, "back away from the goat treat and no one will get hurt." What do you think?

She does eat her treat with enthusiasm and like Luke looks pretty funny with apple coming out of her mouth.

I think she is trying to tell the publicist to stop taking pictures and just let her eat her apples. I don't eavesdrop (much) so I can't be sure of exactly what she was maaaaaing. That or she is just chewing or the other.

To me the biggest advantage to Abby's sloppy way of eating her goat treat is the fact that she is on the top spool and I am on the bottom so I get what drops! I get extra treat! Don't tell Abby or she will butt me.

Tomorrow you will see how much Michael enjoyed his goat treat.


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