Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tale of the Extra Goat Treat: Part I, Luke

As I mentioned yesterday our publicist made an apple cobbler on Saturday. This left her with a bowl full of apple peels and pieces. She know how much we love apples so she brought us each a special goat treat to enjoy. While we were munching away she took some pictures so you could see just how much we looooooooove our goat treat. Each day for the next four days I am going to show you the pictures and then you will have a chance to vote and pick who you think enjoyed their goat treat the most. Anyone who votes will have a chance to win a bar of my rich soap. Isn't that exciting? So tell your your friends to come read about our special goat treat!

Today I am showing you Luke. Since he is the baby in the bunch he got his goat treat first. He was very happy; he was doing his little goat dance and his tail was a 'wagging. He tried to get his whole body through his gate but only his head would fit.

He munched and munched and munched. He is not a neat eater, is he?
You can see me waiting patiently (?) in the background.

I think he looks pretty funny with apple coming out of his mouth, don't you?

Tomorrow you will get to see how much Abigail enjoyed her goat treat.


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