Monday, February 2, 2009

Mischievous Goats

Today I have to admit that I and the other goats were quite mischievous. When the publicist/udder massage specialist let Abigail and me out of the barn we didn't run to our pen as we ususally do. We wanted to explore. We are tired of winter and we want to try and find some nice greens to nibble on, or even a tree to chew. Hay gets old after a bit; it's time for Spring! It took the publicist a bit of time to round us up and I will admit that when she grabbed my collar I started to run. This was very entertaining because the publicist doesn't weigh much and the ground is still a sheet of ice. It was like the publicist was water skiing behind me. Hee hee. I know this was not nice of me but it was very funny. I stopped before she fell, though and then I went into my pen. Abigail was soon rounded up as well.

Then came time for the boys to come down from the barn. They were very excited to get outside too! They did their high kicks and were butting heads so hard I think the neighbors all the way down the street could hear the cracks. The publicist finally got them seperated and into their pens but Luke managed to get his gate open and escape! He wanted to explore just like me. I don't blame him; he hasn't had much besides hay to eat either and would love a munch of something green.

I don't mean to complain - we do get our goat treat at night and you know how much I love my apples. In fact the rest of this week's posts will be a contest to see who enjoyed their special goat treat most. Our publicist made an apple cobbler on Saturday and there were lots of extra peelings for us to share. She took pictures of all of us eating our treat. I think it is going to be fun to share them with you.

Our publicist is lots of fun. Just to entertain us today she fell off of the hay pile! We tried not to laugh at her but it was pretty funny. Especially the words she exclaimed as she fell. But I am not going to tell you what they were - this is a family blog.


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