Monday, February 23, 2009

Michael and Luke Go for a Walk

It was another beautiful day on the farm and the publicist decided to take the boys out for a walk. They went over to the field by the barn so they could munch on the trees. But Michael is a bit strange and all he wanted to do was butt the trees and rub off the bark! Who know what runs through the heads of these bucks? I sure don't. He did end up munching on the nice green pine needles. I find them very tasty myself and was quite jealous. But I did have my turn the other day.

Luke had fun too although he kept trying to eat the publicist's little spruce tree. We are all guilty of that. Spruce just tastes so good it is hard to resist. After much persuasion from the publicist Luke finally did his munching on the pine tree like a good goat.

And of course the boys being boys they had to get into a head butting contest.

They also did a bit of roaming.

All in all it was a very nice walk for them and they had a very good time.


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