Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The plumper I get the more I remember my last kidding. The one that brought me my Michael and my Sarah. This is a photo of Michael right after he was born.

They were the cutest little doeling and buckling.
This is a picture of Sarah right after she was born.

Michael you have met of course, because he still lives here on the Happy Goats Farm but my Sarah went to live on another farm where I know she is very content. I get updates all the time from her new barn maintenance specialist.I hope to take a road trip later in the spring or summer and get some photos of her so you can all see how pretty she is now.

They were both adorable little kids and I know my new kid(s) will be just as cute. I am not a proud mother or anything like that, am I? I usually have twins; in fact I have always had twins. It is Abigail that only has one kid - ha ha! But I am not a competitive goat, no not at all!
They are about a month old in this photo.

My new kids should be here the beginning of April. I wonder what I will have? Will it be two doelings? Two bucklings - heaven forbid! Or a doeling and a buckling like last time....hmmmm. Abigail's kid(s) are due in June or July. Two of our kids are going to join Sarah and Nora (Abigail's kid from last year - that's Nora in the photo. She was about two days old when the publicist took it) on their farm. One doeling is going to stay here at Happy Goats.

So many happy memories for a goat.

A proud mother is a proud mother.....here we all are after I cleaned the kids. They are maybe one hour old.


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