Sunday, February 1, 2009

Interview with Stinky the Cat

In the continuing series of interviews with the animals on the Happy Goats Farm I would like to introduce you to Stinky the Cat. She is one of three cats that live here on the Farm. I am not much of a cat goat but the publicist just loves cats like crazy. Our male person says she is a cat magnet. I am not sure he is happy about this. But anyway, meet Stinky!

Stinky, how did you come to live with our publicist?
Don't get to close to me Pricilla, I don't want you to butt me. You always butt me.

Now Stinky, I am acting as a spokesgoat here and I am on my best behavior. Would you please just answer my questions?
All right
as long as you promise not to butt me. I was just a little kitty living in a campground in New Jersey. My old owner had abandoned me. I don't know why; I am a very nice kitty. When our publicist found me my collar was so tight I could hardly breathe. I was so happy when she cut it off of me. It was a very cold night and there was snow everywhere. I was thrilled when I got to go into the warm trailer and eat good food.

Stinky is a rather, hmmmm, odoriferous name. Why are you called Stinky?
My original name was Threesa as in Three's a crowd because I was the third cat in the family but I am rather embarrassed to admit that at first -solely due to my bad diet while living in the wild -it was rather noticeable every time I used the litter box. This caused my name to be changed. I was not happy but I don't have control over these things. Now that I am eating regularly and eating really good food you never know when I have been in the box.

What do you do on the farm?
I loung
e around. I eat a lot. I chase mice. I try and avoid Mr. Eagle; I don't want to get taken for a ride like Fred. I sit in the publicist's lap and give her cat hugs.

How do you feel about me and the other goats on the farm?
Well, given that if I get too close to you I end up flying through the air I really don't think you want me to answer that question. The first time I met you I just wanted to sniff your nose and the next thing I knew I was airborne. Was this a nice thing to do to a small kitty cat?

I think we will end the interview now. I hope you enjoyed meeting Stinky the Cat and learning more about her.

Stinky wanted you to see her "fierce face" so I have included a picture of it for you. She used this face to scare the mice. Does it scare you?


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