Monday, February 9, 2009

Intermew with Pumpkin the Cat

After all the excitement of the Tale of the Extra Goat Treat I thought it would be good to do an interview (heh heh interMEW) with Pumpkin the cat. Pumpkin is the newest feline on the Happy Goats Farm. He doesn't come out much so it was a little hard to conduct this intermew but being an intrepid reporter goat I got the job done!

Pumpkin, how did you come to live on the Happy Goats Farm?

I was lost and wandering around and found a plate under this living space. It smelled like food. Then this nice lady came out and put yummy Super Supper on it. I ate it so fast I scared the nice lady. She seemed so worried about me she brought out another can of food. I was still scared then too so I ran away from her. I didn't know yet how nice it would be to live on the Farm. I kept coming back and I finally let the nice lady pet me. Then one day I ran into the trailer and wouldn't leave. She gave me medicine to get rid of my icky worms. There was always good food to eat and I had a lap to sit on any time I wanted. I hadn't been that happy in a long time.

It must have been terrible to not have a family.

Oh, it was. I was so very scared. I don't know why I was out in the cold and snow all alone. I just know I am happy now. I have two cat friends, Fred and Stinky and the publicist and the male person are soooooooo wonderful. They gave me some catnip the other night and ooooh, man.

Ok, Ok, enough about the nip. This is a family blog.

What do you do on the Farm?

Mostly I sleep all day. I don't like to go outside because it reminds me of when I was so hungry and didn't have a home. So I stay in and nap and play with my toys.

So you are a mooch?

NO! How can you say that?! I make the publicist very happy. I keep her warm when I sit in her lap. I make the male person laugh when I chase my tail. I do lots of good things around here. Humph.

I am sorry Pumpkin, you are obviously a nice cat. Thank you for doing this interview. It is good to keep the publicist happy. That way you get treats - have you learned that trick yet?

Oh, yes. I have! But don't tell the publicist or she might catch on and stop giving them to me.

Once the topic of treats came up Pumpkin lost all interest in the interview and started licking his chops. There is only so much attention span with a cat, you know. I hope you enjoyed meeting another member of the Happy Goats family.


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