Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I wanted to wish all of my readers a Happy Valentine's Day. This is not a big celebration in the goat world but I realize that many of my readers are humans and they like to celebrate with candy and flowers. Mmmmmm, flowers. They are so good to eat. I don't understand why people keep them in a jar of water when they are so very tasty. If someone came up to me with a bouquet I would take it, hide in a corner so Abby wouldn't steal any and enjoy every last bite. Then I would have myself a good burp and chew my cud for awhile remembering the taste of the yummy flowers. THAT is how I would spend Valentine's day. But goats are different from humans and I suppose that is a good thing.

So go out and enjoy your Valentine's Day. Enjoy your chocolate, have a nice dinner. But if you get a chance, stop by and bring me some flowers. I am always up for an extra treat.


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