Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goat Revolt

I have to admit I wasn't a very good goat today. Neither was Abby. The weather hasn't been very nice lately and we are, uhmm, perhaps I should say, prima donna goats and we don't like rain or snow. We like bright sunshine. The last few days have been nothing but rain and wet snow. So when we looked out the barn door this morning and AGAIN saw snow coming down from the sky we really did not want to leave the warm, dry barn. I know we have our lovely little goat house but it is not as nice as the barn and not as big. Plus there is the long walk to get there. I would get my fur all wet. Really, isn't that just too much to ask of a goat?

So when the publicist tried to get us out of the barn we both just refused to leave. She then put our leads on us and got us to go out one door (she had mistakenly locked herself in -hee hee - and had to open the second door to get herself out. She then got the second door opened. Silly publicist!) So we ran out one door, around the barn and right back in the other door! I think we frustrated her a bit because we did this several times before she could get one of the doors shut again. We finally got down to our pen and ran to our goat house.

The boys didn't care as much about the weather at first, they were just happy to be out butting heads. Boys will be boys. But once they got settled into their pens even they started to MAAAAA very loudly about the conditions. The snow was coming down very hard. The publicist got the barn all fixed up and she then brought us all back in for the day. I must say that this spokesgoat was happy about that.


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