Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goat Daydreams

Goats get that faraway look in their eyes just like you humans. Especially when we are chewing our cuds. I know you think the whole cud chewing thing is disgusting but when you have the digestive system we have and you eat the rough foods we eat well, accommodations have to be made. You try and deal with four stomachs! But enough about that. The real topic today is what exactly are goat's daydreams?

I of course cannot answer for all goats but I can answer for this spokesgoat. I become Pricilla of the Jungle! That's right - I find myself in the midst of trees and branches and lots of good things to munch. Being a goat it is all about the food. I am sure many of you can appreciate that.
The light is mysterious and the trees cover me as I stalk my illusive prey.

First I get myself into a comfortable position and rub my head against the unsuspecting meal almost like an affectionate hello instead of the beginnings of an attack.

Then I perfect my stance for the big uh, pounce (?). Given my pregnancy I cannot pounce so well any longer but this is a daydream after all.....

Then the pine needles are mine! All mine! Bwahahahahahaha!

They sure do taste good after a diet of hay. It is good to eat different things. I know I get my apples every night but a good munch of dried pine needles are just plain yummy. I have to thank the publicist for letting me roam a bit today and have my fantasy. And the pine needles.

I hope you liked this little trip into my daydreams.


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