Friday, February 13, 2009

Feature Friday! Humblebea

It's that time again! Yes, Feature Friday where I get to go rogue and talk about something other than annoying Abby or soap. What a pleasure for me! Today I want to show you some adorable children's clothing and papier mache collectibles. In fact, if you have looked through the Happy Goat Soap shop you have all ready seen the work of our featured shop. This talented artist created all the adorable papier mache goats used in our soap listings! My publicist sent her pictures of us and Natalie from Humblebea worked her magic and sent back little caricatures of each and every one of us. This listing shows me!

Natalie describes herself this way in her profile: lucky wife • proud Mom • obsessive crafter

Sounds like she does not have time for a goat! I can believe the obsessive crafter part by the wide range of beautiful items she has in her shop. Her gorgeous children's clothing would be perfect for your own kids or for gifts. If my kids didn't grow so fast I think I would consider having her make me something for them - but then again, they would probably just eat it.

I think this little pinafore would be perfect for a spring day.

She also makes little baby shoes. They look so comfortable. I wonder if they would fit on hooves. Sometimes I just get tired of walking on the snow, you know. Hmmmm...and green is my color!

Now, bees are not my thing. They sting me sometimes and I really do not like that but who could resist these adorable little papier mache bees. They would never sting!

There is a lot more to look at in Natalie's shop and I really think you should check it all out. You might find that perfect gift for your next party or shower. Or a present just beecause.

Hee hee, I can be a funny goat!


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