Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cursed Paparazzi!

Those cursed paparazzi are at it again. As if it is not enough that I cannot live my simple life on my farm; they have to always be here trying to catch me doing something they deem "wrong." I just don't understand this sick fascination with my life just because I happen to be a famous spokesgoat. Why do people care what I do in my spare time? Why do they care how much I eat or what I eat for that matter? It is really none of their business. When I have an interview or media appointment I do my job but when I am just relaxing in my pen or out for a walk I should be able to do so without fear of unflattering pictures or false stories being printed.

I was fortunate that my publicist caught this one paparazzo in the act and we have the offending photos in hand. I am going to share them here so that I can negate their impact should any other "inquiring mind" try to print more "Grossly Growing Goat" stories about my expanding waistline. I repeat people I AM PREGNANT, NOT FAT!!! I have to eat a lot of hay, grain and apples to keep me strong and healthy for the upcoming kidding. What kind of nanny would I be if I tried to diet during my pregnancy? I ask you!? So my publicist and I present these pictures to show you what a healthy, pregnant goat should look like halfway though her kids' gestation. I am most likely carrying twins. Of course the monster took them from behind which is my worst angle right now. Ugh! I stand up for all reproducing animals - humans too - to say that a certain amount of weight gain is necessary and healthy!
So there! Pricilla has spoken!


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