Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award

I woke up this morning to exciting news from my publicist. She told me that my wonderful soap had been on the FRONT PAGE of etsy. Now that is just wonderful. It means that so many more people got to see my rich, goat's milk soap. So of course this means it is time again to bestow The Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award. Ta da!

The list was created by DalMare who makes beautiful crystal jewelry. In fact she is having a President's Day sale in her shop right now. Maybe I will get my ears pierced and treat myself to these. I think I would look good in purple, don't you? And I noticed that she comes from the Jersey Shore! That is where my publicist moved from before she came to Montana. So I thank DalMare for adding my Sea Urchin Soap to her beautiful list.

I also found my Shaving Soap to be in another lovely list from Strandsoflight. Her shop tag says "mindfully made to be playfully worn." I like that. I do everything playfully. That is the life of a goat! I like these but I fear Abigail might think they were real flowers and eat them right off of my ears!

I thank both of these ladies for creating such beauty and including my soap in it. I hope they enjoy their award.


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