Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winning is Fun!

I just love it when I win things. Now for me winning is as simple as not having to spend too much time with Abigail, but for you winning is as wonderful as three bars of Happy Goat Soap. I am sure you recall this post when I told you about the delightful interview my publicist did at the SimplyShiny blog. With the interview we offered a great prize; three bars of Happy Goat Soap and a wooden soap dish! The big drawing happened yesterday and a winner has been chosen.

Drum roll please!

AbbaDabbaBags has won the soap! Hooray! I wonder which soaps she will choose? She has a lovely shop on etsy where you will find lots of pretty bags in many different styles.

At this time I want to give SimplyShiny our Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award for featuring us on her blog and for providing the opportunity for such a cool giveaway. Be sure to check out her blog on a regular basis as she writes about so many interesting topics. Even a goat finds them fascinating. She also makes really pretty jewelry that you will find in her ShinyAdornments shop on etsy. Do you think if I pierced my ears these would look good on me?


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