Saturday, January 24, 2009


I love visitors! Goats are naturally social creatures and as a spokesgoat I am even more so. We get plenty of people and other creatures that come to visit here at the Happy Goats Farm. More in the summer than in the winter but I have plenty of social activity all year round.

Today we had a visit from our Bald Eagle. He comes pretty regularly and sits on the big tree at the edge of the river. He is looking for a plump trout to eat for lunch. One time he thought Fred the cat would make a good lunch and he tried to take him away. Fortunately Fred is, uh let's just say well fed, and he was too heavy for the eagle to carry. Poor Fred had to go the emergency Vet and have his fur shaved but he was OK. Now Fred watches very closely for the eagle.

The Bald Eagle is our national bird and we are lucky to have a nesting pair not too far from us. My publicist took the photo.


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