Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Sweet Smell of New Soap

Mmmmmmm, lavender. And mountain huckleberry. Oooh and exotic red tea. It is an exciting time around the Happy Goats soap kitchen. New soap has been made and while lavender is an old favorite we are introducing some new scents and shapes for spring! Now of course I am not to be involved in the actual soapmaking I am, after all a goat but my publicist always lets me have a sniff of what she has made so I can give her my hoof stamp of approval. I have been a long time fan of lavender; it is so very relaxing. I think that maybe if we fed some to Abigail it might just calm her down a bit and she would stop trying to hog all of the hay.

The new scents we have made so far for Spring include: Afternoon Tea, which is a sweet and lightly spicy fragrance that I think is my new favorite. Orange Creamsicle, mmmmm remember those ice cream bars with the orange ice on the outside and the vanilla ice cream in the middle? It smells just like they did. Mountain Huckleberry, this one is like a bowl of fresh, tart wild huckleberries. Red Tea, slightly sweet and quite exotic. This one is limited and I chose to have Pricilla bars made in it. So you can see that it is going to be a sweet smelling place around here...

A few of the new shapes have already been introduced in the shop like the I Heart My Goats, The Eagle on the River and A Pet for The Goats but there will be more new soaps coming soon to celebrate the soon to be new residents of the Happy Goats Farm - WE'RE GETTING CHICKENS! That's right, cute little feathered friends to frolic with on the farm.

I realize this has been a highly informational post but I am , after all a spokesgoat and must sometimes do my job and put forth the good word about the wonderful soaps that are produced with my milk. So head on over to Happy Goat Soap and check them out for yourself. Tell 'em Pricilla sent you and you will get a 15% discount on your order. You can wait for an updated invoice or just pay and my publicist will issue you a refund. Aren't I a generous spokesgoat?


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