Thursday, January 8, 2009

SpokesGoat Duties

Now you might think that being a spokesgoat is all about just looking good in my photo but that is not the case at all. Remember, I am the face and Maaaa of Happy Goats Soap so I must, at all times remember to get my name and the soap's name out there for people to see. Today I did my job well! The first thing I did with help from a wonderful etsy curator; Happy Goats was on the FRONT PAGE of etsy today! I was so excited when my publicist/udder massage specialist told me I did my famous goat dance of joy! What better way to get the news out about Happy Goats Soap?

The second thing I did today was curate my own Treasury. This was a first for me, I will admit. And it was tough for me to do all that searching with my hooves - but I think I did a fine job. You can check it out here . I tried to add a screenshot but that was beyond my spokesgoat duties.

Well, I am going back to the goat barn to eat some hay. I am hoping that since I did such a good job today I will get some extra carrots tonight!


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