Monday, January 26, 2009

Michael's Big Adventure

Today Michael the goat went on a big adventure. Every so often the publicist/udder massage specialist takes Michael the goat for a walk. He needs to get out and work off some uh, excess energy. He gets very excited about these walks. He is also a very good goat on his walks; he loves the publicist as she bottle fed him as a baby so he thinks she is his mother.

His pen gate opened and Michael bounded out into the driveway and......slid on the ice! He was so excited - doing his high kicks - that he forgot like we all do that the driveway is an ice skating rink. It rather took away from his grand exit. Then off he happily trotted following behind the publicist as she headed for the goat barn. This is where he strayed. It was the hay pile. I must admit to being pulled by the allure of the hay pile myself. So much hay just sitting there for the munching. It's hard to resist and Michael didn't; he climbed right onto it and started eating hay. Michael's favorite thing next to a doe is hay.

Then it was off to see the horses across the street. They are so pretty and friendly. Sometimes they escape from their corral and come to visit us. But they also come and eat our hay! Now, I don't go and eat their hay so I think they should leave our hay alone. All four of them were in our yard one day last summer eating from our hay pile. Humpf! Horses eat a lot of hay. But I digress.....Michael enjoyed saying "Maaaaaa" to the horses and they neighed in return.

From there it was a quick trip through the goat barn for an extra handful of grain - lucky goat! Now Michael is back in his pen eating hay! The sun is shining today so we are all Happy Goats!


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