Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interview with Michael The Goat

I, of course, am the most well known of the goats on the Happy Goats Farm but I feel it is important for all of you to get to know the other goats here. (Actually my publicist is making me do this - she feels it will be good press.) I am choosing to start with Michael because he is my son and I think the nicest goat on the place beside me of course. He can have a bit of a one track mind, so please bear with him....

How did you come to live on the Happy Goats Farm?
Mom, uh, you kidded me. Duh!

What is your purpose on the Farm?
I eat lots of hay...gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe!
I run around and chase Luke...gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe!
And I protect the publicist...she's fun!

If you ran the Farm what changes would you make?
Well, for one thing I wouldn't be in a pen all by myself! I would be in with the does, of course!
Gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe,gotta get a doe!
I think I would feed myself more grain too.

It seems you only think about yourself, do you ever think about the other goats on the Farm?
I do think about Luke - I really didn't think we needed to add him into the family. And I don't understand how you can say that when I am thinking of you girl goats all the time! Gotta getta doe, gotta get a doe, gotta get a doe.

Well, Michael I can see this interview is going to devolve from here so I think I will end it. Do you have any last comments?
Gotta get a doe!

I did warn you that he had a one track mind people! But he is a good looking goat if a mother can say so. I will continue the interviews as time goes on. Hopefully Luke will be a little less focused on ..... what am I saying. He's a buck too!


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