Saturday, January 17, 2009

Goats DO Love Pine Trees

As the spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap I do have to do some work. Today my work is actually a pleasure. We offer a lovely soap called Goats Love to Eat Pine Trees Soap and my publicist thought it would be a good idea to prove this. A very generous person over at the Forest Service office gifted us with their personal Christmas tree - yum! Our male person chopped it up into four sections and we all got to share in the munching - yum! Then the Forest Service gave us its office Christmas tree. How exciting - even more yummy green pine tree to eat. Yum! This time of year with all of the tasty weeds covered by snow it is nice to get something green.

I have been enjoying my pine tree even though I have to share it with Abigail. I also use the trunk of the tree to scratch my head. I guess this spokesgoat thing really isn't that hard after all, is it?

So why not head over to Happy Goats Soap and check out ALL of the rich, beautiful soaps available. I wouldn't be a good spokesgoat if I didn't encourage you to do that, now would I? The soaps make a good, fluffy lather and leave your skin feeling moisturized, not dry. You can read here what our customers have had to say.


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