Friday, January 16, 2009

Goat Rant

I am ususally a very mellow goat but today I am going to have myself a good goat rant. What do you think has me all ruffed up? Cats! Cats you ask? Yes, cats! Why is it the cats around here get to run free? I see them all around running in the fields, running in the garden, running up to the top of the hay pile. Well, I WANT TO RUN TO THE TOP OF THE HAY PILE. Don't you think it is more appropriate for a GOAT to be on top of a hay pile rather than a cat? I know I do. Cats don't eat hay; well Stinky does but she is a strange cat. (You will meet here when I continue my series of interviews with the other animals around here.)

A goat is meant to roam free. I know, I know I have a HUUUUUUGE pen and I should be happy. I have a lovely, handcrafted goat house built with love by my male person. BUT I HAVE TO SHARE THESE WITH ABIGAIL. Why can't I run free like the cats. It shouldn't matter that all those times I escaped I tried to run back to my old home. Or after that I tried to visit the horses across the street. Or after that I tried to go down the bank to the river.

I am calling for goats to take over the world. I think we would do a good job of running things. Just think - hay for everyone, grain for everyone, roaming free just like cats. Doesn't this sound great? So join me as I start a goat revolution. Just don't tell my publicist. I know she would think this was a bad idea on the spokesgoat front....



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