Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Glory of Being a Goat

Now I know that most of you reading this will never know the glory of being a goat and I am sorry for you. My life is just wonderful. My publicist/udder massage therapist takes wonderful care of me and I get to browse in a most scenic corner of the world. My only complaint is Abigail and since I gave birth to her I suppose I am mostly to blame....

But today I am going to discuss Happy things. It is Saturday and I am taking time off from my spokesgoat duties. A doe needs a break now and then, don't you agree? The first topic I want to bring to your attention is a wonderful fundraiser for another worthy species; the bunny! My furry friends from across the pond Arabella and Wesley (you can read all about them here ) are donating a beautifully crafted rabbit bag from their publicist to a wonderful organization - The Buckeye House Rabbit Organization to raise money for abandoned bunnies. A beautiful treasury has been created to showcase bunnies and other cuddly creatures and draw attention to this worthy cause. So why not check out the raffle and the Treasury?

And the MOST EXCITING NEWS since I have become spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap
a wonderful etsy seller by the name of Lambert curated a Treasury and NAMED IT AFTER ME!!! How exciting is that? I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when I was told. I immediately did my famous goat dance of joy. Sometimes being a spokesgoat is just too much fun. I thank you Lambert and I must say I do like the Two Hens painting. When I next redecorate my goat house I will surely keep you in mind!


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